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125 species in six genera are found mostly in the southern hemisphere extending north to Japan, central America and the West Indies.

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Dacrydium cupressinum Sol. ex Lamb.
(syn. Thalamia cupressina Spreng.)
Red Pine, Rimu

The wood of this useful New Zealand timber tree is irritating to the nose (Cleland 1925).

Podocarpus macrophyllus Sweet
(syns Margbensonia macrophylla A.V.Bobrov & Melikyan, Nageia macrophylla F.Muell., Taxus macrophylla Thunb.)
Buddhist Pine

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Podocarpus milanjianus Rendle var gracilior
Yellow Wood

The wood of this species produced allergic contact dermatitis in wood-workers and also conjunctivitis and rhinitis (Piorkowski 1944). Positive patch test reactions were observed to an ether alcohol extract of the wood.


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  • [ + 1 further reference not yet included in database]

Richard J. Schmidt

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