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(Opilia family)


60 species in eight genera are found in tropical regions, especially in Asia.

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Agonandra brasiliensis Miers ex Benth. & Hook.f.
(syn. Agonandra granatensis Rusby)
Pao Marfim

This satinwood substitute contains a saponin which irritates mucous membranes (Freise 1932). According to Woods and Calnan (1976) the common name pao marfim more often refers to Aspidosperma vargasii.

Opilia celtidifolia Endl. ex Walp.
(syn. Groutia celtidifolia Guill. & Perr.)

Chewing the leaves causes the saliva to turn red and produces a special sensation in the throat (Irvine 1961).


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Richard J. Schmidt

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