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(Melianthus family)


This is a small family of 8 species of South African trees and shrubs classified in 2 genera (Mabberley 1997). Several of the species of Melianthus L. are grown as ornamental greenhouse shrubs or in sub-tropical bedding schemes. They are noted for the disagreeable smell that is produced when the leaves are bruised (Hunt 1968/70).

Preparations of the leaves of Melianthus L. species, used externally, are South African traditional remedies for tinea capitis and chronic or necrotic ulcers.

Melianthus comosus Vahl
Honey Flower

Steyn (1934) and Watt & Breyer-Brandwijk (1962), citing Smith (1895), noted that in South African traditional medicine, the leaves are made into a poultice or paste and applied to bad sores and bruises.

Melianthus major L.
Honey Bush

Steyn (1934) and Watt & Breyer-Brandwijk (1962), citing Pappe (1857), noted that in South African traditional medicine, a decoction of the leaves is an excellent external remedy for tinea capitis, crusta serpiginosa (= favus?), necrosis, and foul ulcers; and that the bruised leaves are applied to ulcers to promote granulation.


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Richard J. Schmidt

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