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(Waterleaf family)


• Medicinal / Folk-medicinal aspects: The use of at least one species as a poultice for wounds, ulcers and carbuncles has been reported. •
• Adverse effects: Several members of the genus Hydrolea L. are spiny and capable of inflicting mechanical injury. •
• Veterinary aspects: •

Formerly included in the family Hydrophyllaceae, the single genus Hydrolea L. comprising 11 species of semi-aquatic plants that are found in tropical regions (Mabberley 2008) has recently been placed in its own family by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (2003).

Representatives of the genus Hydrolea L. have been grown as greenhouse ornamentals for their showy flowers (Wright & Dewar 1913).

Hydrolea capsularis Druce
[syns Hydrolea elegans A.W.Benn., Hydrolea paludosa A.W.Benn., Hydrolea spinosa L., Hydrolea trigyna Sw., Lycium capsulare L., Nama spinosa Kuntze]
Spiny False Fiddleleaf

[Information available but not yet included in database]

Hydrolea ovata Nutt. ex Choisy
[syn. Nama ovata Britton]
Blue Waterleaf, Ovate False Fiddleleaf, Ovate-Leaved Nama, Hairy Hydrolea

[Information available but not yet included in database]

Hydrolea quadrivalvis Walter
[syns Hydrolea caroliniana Michx., Nama quadrivalvis Kuntze]
Hairy Hydrolea, Hairy Nama, Waterpod

[Information available but not yet included in database]

Hydrolea uniflora Raf.
[syns Hydrolea affinis A.Gray, Nama affinis Kuntze]
Oneflower False Fiddleleaf, Smooth Nama

[Information available but not yet included in database]

Hydrolea zeylanica Vahl
[syns Hydrolea arayatensis Blanco, Hydrolea inermis Lour., Hydrolea javanica Blume, Nama zeylanica L., Steris aquatica Burm.f., Steris javanica L.]
Ceylon Hydrolea

This species is not armed with spines.

[Further information available but not yet included in database]


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Richard J. Schmidt

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