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(Frog-Bit family)


This is a family of 80 species of tropical and subtropical water plants classified in 16 genera.

[Summary yet to be added]

Ottelia alismoides Pers.
[syn. Stratiotes alismoides L.]

The plant is listed as being rubefacient (Quisumbing 1951).

Stratiotes aloides L.
[syns Stratiotes aquaticus Pall., Stratiotes ensiformis Gilib., Stratiotes generalis E.H.L.Krause]
Knight's Woundwort, Water Aloe, Water Houseleek, Water Soldier, Wasserfeder

The narrow sword-shaped leaves of this water plant bear sharp prickles along their edges, which can cause mechanical injury in those who pull the plant by hand.

According to Grieve (1931),the herb assuages swelling and inflammations in wounds; and an ointment made of it is good to heal them. The plant had in olden times the reputation of being an unfailing cure for all wounds made by iron weapons.


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Richard J. Schmidt

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