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Twelve genera comprising 350 species are found in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Two species of Sloanea L. appear to have the capacity to cause dermatitis.

Sloanea L.

This genus comprises 120 species which are found in tropical Asia and America.

Sloanea australis F.Muell.
[syn. Echinocarpus australis Benth.]

The wood can cause dermatitis in tradesmen (Mair 1968).

Opinions differ as to which family this species belongs. Johnson (1976) believes that S. australis belongs to the family Elaeocarpaceae, but acknowledges that some authorities regard this family as a group within the Tiliaceae.

Sloanea quadrivalvis Seem.

The seed capsules are densely covered with short, easily detachable bristles that are a menace to the eyes and cause intense irritation if they penetrate the skin (Allen 1943).


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Richard J. Schmidt

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