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(Dillenia family)


The 400 species in 10 genera are found in tropical and subtropical regions, being well represented in the Australian scrub.

Irritancy has been observed following contact with the sap of certain species, particularly from young leaves. The potential of some species to cause mechanical injury is also worthy of note.

Davilla rugosa Poir.
Fire Vine

The juice burns skin, hence the common name (von Reis & Lipp 1982).

Dillenia indica L.
Elephant Apple, Indian Simpoh, Peradun, Tipor

This large tree bears heavy fruits which make it unsuitable for planting on roadsides (Corner 1952).

Doliocarpus major J.Gmelin

The juice of the young leaves blisters the skin (von Reis & Lipp 1982).

Tetracera L.

The harsh leaves have been used for cleaning school boards (Corner 1952)?.

Tetracera affinis Hutch.

The stems are covered with strong cutting hairs (Irvine 1961).

Tetracera rotundifolia Sm.

The young branches produce irritation on contact with the skin (von Reis Altschul 1973).


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