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This is a small tropical Asian family of five species of trees and shrubs in two genera.

The wood of one species is said to produce irritant effects in woodworkers.

Dactylocladus stenostachya Oliver
Jongkong, Medang Tabak

The wood of this tree is said to produce irritant effects in woodworkers (Orsler 1973).

According to Woods & Calnan (1976) the colloquial name "tabak", which is used in Sarawak for the wood, suggests that it is known there as a nasal irritant. They refer to the toxic wood, ipé tabaco (Tabebuia ipe Standley, fam. Bignoniaceae) by analogy.

The genus Dactylocladus Oliver is monotypic and was previously classified in the Melastomataceae. It is found in fresh-water peat swamps in Borneo.


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Richard J. Schmidt

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